Healthcare Performance Optimizer

The comprehensive online system manages all of your medical center's education needs.


Smart Course Arrangement

How you transform your business as technology, consumer, habits, industry dynamic

Easy Competencies Management

An easy-to-access professional development tool for the associated clinicians, practicing nurses, and the rest of the hospital support staff.

Enlightening Policy By-Law Notification

It maintains compliance with the current by-law guidelines across all hospital employees.

Efficient Workflow Coordinate

An advanced online workflow information system for all Hospital Employees to help minimize human factor error, improving employees’ skills at all levels.

Fast Apply Organization Updates

Information is critical in the healthcare sector. Share your hospital updates to everyone or a specific group of your organization in just a few clicks.

What is HPO?

  • Advanced online workflow information system to all Hospital Employees that can help and minimize human factor error, improving the skill of employees at all level
  • An easy to access professional development tools for the associated clinicians, practicing nurses, and the rest of the hospital support staff
    Reduces errors by standardizing patient care with the latest evidence-based practice
  • Reduces errors by standardizing patient care with the latest evidence-based practice


HPO provides you with all the needed tools to manage your community.

Messaging System

An easy-to-use messaging system lets the users be connected at all times, be it as a group or peer-to-peer messaging.


Notification Via Email

The automated notification will be sent via email to track all the critical updates easily.



Easy to upload news article that will let all the user under your facility be updated on the latest trends, highlights, and happenings


Publishing Articles

Knowledge / Information sharing is effortless. Everyone can share articles with everyone or modify them to a particular audience.


Why HPO?

  • We designed this solution for performance and quality enhancement for the health industry and also will improve and reassure staff competency and performance by several methods.
  • Healthcare professionals can manage all of their needs as per their scope of practice and reassure that all legal, ethical, and medical policies, procedures, workflows. Also, HPO delivers guidelines to the individuals according to their needs in a reasonable timeline.
  • HPO follows every staff professional development program with an intelligent feedback plan to maintain daily improvement.
  • Almost all training programs have an expiry date with refreshment and updates with the proper automatic notification system.
  • The online interactive system with easy accessibility made it enjoyable for busy healthcare professionals.
  • The training contents delivered to the users in variable types such as reading text, interactive video, case study checklist, game, simulation, and many other styles.
  • The reporting system and variable Dashboards for management can guarantee the live staff involvement and their commitment and capabilities at any stage (Live dashboard-and easy reporting system).
  • Decision support system through the use of reports that can help Managers in Strategic Planning, Resource allocation, performance evaluation of the staff, Medical management under evidence-based practice, clinical guidelines, and clinical pathways.
  • HPO Allows: both concurrent and retrospective reviews, supports accreditation and regulatory requirements, supports data mining reporting and statistical analysis, multiple user access at all times, secure access.

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